Maak een kinderdroom waar (ENG)

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Imagine 10 minutes in the sky meant to a child the word...
An extraordinary child who deals with daily hardships because of a handicap
Would take off and flight like a little bird, leaving hardships on the ground.  
Imagine your small financial contribution will make this dream come true...

Associations Junior Chamber International  (JCI) and Chevaliers du Ciel invite YOU to be a part of a beautiful campaign 'Child's Dream'.  The project aims at promoting acceptance of disability through educational activities between extraordinary and ordinary children from 6 to 14-years-old.  In Belgium, 159 children from schools, including les Moineaux II, le Grand Tour,  and Blocry municipal school, learn to create and share regardless of their differences. 

The association Chevaliers du Ciel is lead by professional pilots who have been sharing their passion for flying with underprivileged children for 25 years, bringing to life the oldest dream of man to fly and rub shoulders with birds. On May 18,  we will offer aeroplane flights to 159 children participating in the project. The event, full of positive emotions, will take place at Beauvechain military airport in Belgium.

The campaign requires 15.000 Euro funding. Thanks to our generous sponsors we have been able to collect a part of the required amount and we keep organising fundraising campaigns. By the 15th of April, we look forward to raising 1.000 Euro from your valuable contributions. The raised amount will be used to finance transportation costs from children schools in Wavre and Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve to Beauvechain. 

Shall you have more questions or suggestions, please, contact Jovita by email or +32 4 88 48 90 96. 

Thank you for your generosity in advance!
No-one has ever become poor by giving (Anne Frank)

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